Activities for groups

If you are visiting Oslo as a group, Ølakademiet (The Beer Academy) offers some good activities including beer! Tasting, beer tour or beer and food evening.

… Just to mention a few. Take a look at our activities, and contact us for a great offer on an adventurous day, or evening event, in Norway’s capital!

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Activities for groups – Oslo

Beer tasting with history
Group size: 1 - 50

Experience a joyful beer tasting in Oslo. Learn about the Viking’s brewing traditions and how the Craft Beer revolution has taken Norwegian beer to new levels.

Cider tasting for groups
Group size: 1 - 50

We welcome groups to a joyful cider tasting in Oslo. Modern cider is gaining popularity, and we’d love to show you why, through a cider tasting session.

Beer 'n Cheese
Group size: 15 - 50

Norway has some fine cheeses. When you pair them with great Norwegian craft beer, magic is bound to happen! Join us for some Norwegian food and beer history!

Beer & Chocolate
Group size: 15 - 50

Don’t this unique chance to experience the heavenly combination of the unthinkable! Beer and chocolate are a match made in heaven, you just don’t know it yet.

Oslo Craft Beer tour
Group size: 15 - 50

On this beer walk your group will learn about Norwegian beer history, try local beer and visit and a brewery and pub! Upgrade your stay in Oslo with activities.